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{Nelle. Twenty-three. Still experiencing the shellshock of her [no longer quite-so-recent] graduation from uni. Swot. Barista. Reader, writer, & grammar nazi. Aspiring professor of literature. Incurable idealist. Far too prone to fangirling.}

Friends only, except for the fic (which, to be honest, is written (and therefore posted) woefully intermittently, but.).

That said, I am more than open to new friends (if one can be more than regularly open; I'm not precisely sure what that would look like, although I imagine it could be a bit gory, so to clarify: not that way).

So if you don't mind fangirling, punctuation adoration, a bit (um, maybe a teensy bit more than a bit) of angst, and overly long sentences, do feel free to leave a comment and I shall, in all likelihood, friend you back. (Preferably, common interests would be dandy (for these, have a look at the [fairly extensive] profile)). Also, as indicated by this post, there will be a lot of parentheses. And also (as not indicated herein) semi-colons. Ye be warned.
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