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Put together on a high of hope and happiness and the prospect of no more Bush! No, I wasn't the most passionate of Obama supporters, and maybe my vote began as more of a vote against McCain than for anyone, but now the election is over, there's an excitement I've suddenly acquired at all the possibility in the next four years given whom we've elected. And oh, really, I just can't stop listening to these songs, so I figured I'd share.


Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors :: Editors
I can't shake this feeling I've got
My dirty hands, have I been in the wars?

(Someone turn me around
Can I start this again?)

Brand New Colony :: The Postal Service
I want to take you far
From the cynics in this town
And kiss you on the mouth
We'll cut our bodies free
From the tethers of this scene
Start a brand new colony
Where everything will change

Spit the Dark :: Empires
If hope is a dangerous hole
Will you join me?
Jump: there's a world of war
Will you join me?

Old Soul Song (For the New World Order) :: Bright Eyes
We walk the forty blocks to the middle
Of the place we heard where everything would be
And there were barricades to keep us off the street
But the crowd kept pushing forward
Until they swallowed the police
Yeah, they went wild

The Times They Are A'Changin' :: Bob Dylan
Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don't criticise
What you can't understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is
Rapidly agein'
Please get out of the new one
If you can't lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin'

People Get Ready (Live) :: The Swell Season
And what has gone before us
Is a lot, is a lot
And who'll be there to ignore us
When you're not, when you're not?

(And we have all the time in the world
To get it right, to get it right
And we have all the love in the world
To set alight, to set alight)

The Minnow & the Trout :: A Fine Frenzy
Please, I know that we're different
But we were one cell in the sea
In the beginning
And what we're made of
Was all the same once
We're not that different after all

We're Here :: Guillemots
The world is just waiting now
No staring out windows now
Our train stopped moving hours ago
We're here, we're here, we're here

Yes we're here
Free to laugh and cry
Obliged to try
And nothing here's worth winning without a fight

All We Are :: Matt Nathanson
Kept falling over
Kept looking backward
Went broke believing
That the simple should be hard.

All we are, we are; all we are, we are.
And every day's the start of something beautiful

If I Had a Hammer :: Peter, Paul, & Mary
Well I got a hammer
And I got a bell
And I got a song to sing
All over this land.

It’s the hammer of justice
It’s the bell of freedom
It’s the song about love
Between my brothers and my sisters
All over this land.

A Billion Ton[ne]s of Light :: Vega4
This adds up to more than us
I almost said, "I love you."

A billion tonnes of light explodes
We are illuminated now

I love my country
By which I mean
I am indebted joyfully
To all the people throughout its history
Who have fought the government to make right
Where so many cunning sons and daughters
Our foremothers and forefathers
Came singing through slaughter
Came through hell and high water
So that we could stand here
And behold breathlessly the sight
How a raging river of tears
Cut a grand canyon of light

Ani DiFranco
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