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title: If I'm Crazy, I'm Crazy For You
fandom: Bones
pairing: Hodgins/Wendell
rating: PG
words: ~550
notes: Title from Adele's Crazy for You. Other than that... well. I've had these two in my head for days, because a) they pretty much define adorable, and b) I've been lurking a lot at [livejournal.com profile] wendellhodgins (which is where bits of the assumed canon in this come from, which should definitely be mentioned. yay fellow shippers! \o/). And then some other things happened, and now there's this.

Wendell can feel the tips of his ears burning, which means his whole face is already flushed with embarrassment (he blushes too easily to not have learnt the signs by now). He finds himself contemplating the best method of revenge on Angela.

'It makes sense, actually,' Sweets is saying, 'coming from a background like yours. As adults, we tend to place a high value on things that, as children, we craved, or learnt to appreciate for their rarity.'

'I think it's sweet,' Angela says, smiling, and Wendell's now considering it the greatest tragedy of his life that she's not easily embarrassed, because Jack probably has a lot of dirt on her, or at the very least Wendell himself could probably charm something out of Roxie. Which wouldn't be awkward. He thinks. Or doesn't think. Whichever. Maybe.

He's distracted by Booth's grin. 'Aww, I agree, Angela. It is sweet.'

Wendell narrows his eyes in Booth's direction. Booth's grin widens.

'You know,' Brennan cuts in, 'in some cultures, it's actually a sign of appreciation and respect for whomever cooked the meal. It's a great insult if you don't.'

Wendell sighs. He looks at Cam, waiting for her contribution to the conversation, because clearly everyone else reserves the right to provide input regarding his personal life, but she just bursts out laughing as soon as they make eye contact. 'I'm not – it's not at –' she manages to get out between breaths.

'Can we just – can we not mention this to Hodgins? Please?' Wendell pleads.

Brennan shrugs, Sweets nods, and Angela says, 'Of course, sweetie!' Cam's still laughing, but manages to get out a, 'Cross my heart', around the same time Booth chimes in with, 'Secret's safe with me!'


'So,' Hodgins begins a few nights later, when the game they're watching on television has taken a commercial break. 'I heard an interesting rumour at work today.'

'Oh god,' Wendell groans, sinking down a bit further into the cushion and covering his eyes with the hand that's not already entwined with one of Jack's. 'Does the concept of a secret mean nothing anymore?'

Hodgins laughs, lifting Wendell's hand and pressing a kiss to it. 'I really just have one question.'

'Yeah?' Wendell says, turning his head and spreading his fingers so that he can look at Jack with one eye. 'What's that?'

'Since you first knew you loved me when you found out I don't slurp when I eat soup, does it mean you won't love me anymore if my table manners suddenly take a turn for the worse?'

Jack's slightly furrowed brow and worried tone belie the teasing sparkle in his eyes, and Wendell tries as hard as he can to glare at him, even going so far as to remove the hand covering his eyes.

'Asshole,' he mutters, with only a tiny spark of conviction.

'Well yeah,' Hodgins agrees, amiably, bringing his free hand up to pull Wendell's face toward his. 'But an asshole who loves you.'

Wendell laughs slightly, tries to look everywhere at once, and finally manages to do what he actually wants to, which is press his lips to Jack's. He pulls away after a few moments to add, 'And an asshole whom I love', not because Hodgins doesn't already know that, but just because Wendell really likes saying it.

'Well,' Hodgins murmurs, as he reclaims Wendell's lips. 'Yeah.'

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