builtofsorrow: (moonstruck | all to set alight)
title: If I'm Crazy, I'm Crazy For You
fandom: Bones
pairing: Hodgins/Wendell
rating: PG
words: ~550
notes: Title from Adele's Crazy for You. Other than that... well. I've had these two in my head for days, because a) they pretty much define adorable, and b) I've been lurking a lot at [livejournal.com profile] wendellhodgins (which is where bits of the assumed canon in this come from, which should definitely be mentioned. yay fellow shippers! \o/). And then some other things happened, and now there's this.

'Oh god,' Wendell groans, sinking down a bit further into the cushion and covering his eyes with the hand that's not already entwined with one of Jack's. 'Does the concept of a secret mean nothing anymore?' )



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